Saturday, July 27, 2019


Blessed are you, holy God,

you alone are holy, you alone are God. 
The universe declares your praise: 
beyond the stars; beneath the sea; 
within each cell; with every breath.
Generations bless your faithfulness:
In all ways, in all places, and in each moment,
you are making your presence known-- 
through the water; by night and day; 
across the wilderness; out of exile; 
into the future.
We sense your glory in our imaginations--
of heart, mind and soul.
Your inspiration stirs within us
as pining for justice and peace
in this world of chaos. 
We give you thanks for your Beloved, 
Begotten and Anointed One: 
at the heart of human life; 
at the core of our being;
near to those who suffer; 
in the brokenness we all share;
beside the sinner; among the poor; 
with each and with all.
For these and all your mercies, 
we praise you;
Holy, Almighty, Immortal One. 
Blessed be God and blessed be
God's Kin-Dom, forevermore.

--from Evangelical Lutheran Worship © 2006 (altered)