Sunday, July 14, 2019


Blessed are you, O G-D, Eternal and Creator of all things,

who in your inscrutable goodness called us to this life; 
who bestowed on use the grace of Baptism
and the Seal of the Holy Spirit;
who imbued us with the desire 
to seek you, the one true God.
Who calls us forth to live in-loving kindness,
justice, and peace.
Who provides every measure that is our daily bread and
the table we share with all.
Who strengthens our resolve to love one another,
and bids us the persistence of living each day for you.
For these and all your mercies, we praise you.
O Holy, Almighty, and immortal One.
Blessed be G-D and the Kin-Dom for ever!

Poet, Hymn Writer, Reformer, Priest, and Teacher
(So 'Wesley' of him)

New every morning is the love
Our wakening and uprising prove;
Through sleep and darkness safely brought,
Restored to life and power and thought.

New mercies, each returning day,

Hover around us while we pray;
New perils past, new sins forgiven,
New thoughts of God, new hopes of heaven.

If, on our daily course, our mind

Be set to hallow all we find,
New treasures still, of countless price,
God will provide for sacrifice.

Old friends, old scenes, will lovelier be,

As more of heaven in each we see;
Some softening gleam of love and prayer
Shall dawn on every cross and care.

We need not bid, for cloistered cell,

Our neighbor and our words farewell,
Nor strive to find ourselves too high
For sinful [one's] beneath the sky.

The trivial round, the common task,

Will furnish all we ought to ask;
Room to deny ourselves, 
a roadTo bring us daily nearer God.

Seek we no more; content with these,

Let present rapture, comfort, ease—
As heaven shall bid them, come and go:
The secret this of rest below.

Only, O Lord, in Thy dear love,

Fit us for perfect rest above,
And help us, this and every day,
To live more nearly as we pray.

A Prayer in Commemoration of John Keble

Grant, O God, that in all time of our testing 

we may know your Presence and obey your will;
that, following the example of your servant John Keble, 
we may accomplish with integrity and courage 
what you give us to do, 
and endure what you give us to bear; 
through Jesus Christ our Lord, 
who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, 
one God, for ever and ever.