Friday, September 13, 2019


Grant us to look with your eyes of compassion,
O merciful God, at the long travail of humankind
the wars, the hungry millions,
the countless refugees,
the natural disasters,
the cruel and needless deaths,
our inhumanity to one another,
the heartbreak and hopelessness of so many lives.
Hasten the coming of your Kin-Dom of peace and justice,
when the nations shall not be at war or in emnity,
and we shall live free from fear and free from want
and there shall be no more pain or tears,
in the security of your will,
the assurance of your love,
the coming of your Realm
O God of righteousness, O Holy One of compassion. Amen.

(--adapted from George Appleton: former Archbishop of Jerusalem, 
20 February 1902–28 August 1993)