Friday, October 11, 2019


Psalm 61

Hear my song, O Holy, Mighty, Immortal One.
Listen attentive to my prayer. 
From the end of the earth I call You.
When my heart breaks, 
You lead me to your refuge high above me. 
For You have been a shelter to me,
a fortress of strength in the face of the foe. 
Let me dwell in Your shelter always and forever,
let me find refuge under your protection
like the wings of a mother that safeguard her young.
For You, O God, have heard my vows, 
You have granted the plea of those who keep your name hallowed.
Add length of days to our faithful leaders,
may their years be like those of generations untold.
May they ever abide in your presence, O God. 
Steadfast kindness ordain to preserve them!
So will I always sing the praise of your name,
and day by day I will fulfil my vows.

(sources include various versions of the Bible, The Psalms
by Robert Alter, a lexicon word study, along with my own
claim of poetic license)