Tuesday, November 12, 2019


Always-With-Us One
to whom our days are precious
and eternity more precious still.
Helping-Us-On-the-Way One
to whom our thoughts and words and actions are blessed
and the sum of our life more blessed still.
Beginning-Ending-All-That-Is-Between One
to whom our relations are beloved
and the communion of all your people more beloved still.
Thank you for being the
Holy, Mighty, and Immortal One
whom never fails to prepare, provide, and transform
who we are into what you created, redeemed, and are sustaining
us to be.
Life is good.
Life in you is grace.
Life for the sake and welfare of others is justice.
Life as your servant-disciples is peace.
May it be so,
May. It. Be. So.
Blessed are you and blessed is your Kin/Dom