Sunday, January 5, 2020


"Epiphany," ©2003 Janet McKenzie,, 
Collection of Catholic Theological Union, Chicago, IL
Let us pray:

Holy God, Holy and Mighty, Holy Immortal One:
You are the God of all people.
The Magi coming to worship and acknowledge
the birth of the Begotten and Beloved One
reminds us that your Anointed welcomed all.
Their journey represents how all hearts and minds
and souls are drawn to you and find their home
in your presence.Their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh
proclaim the royal, spiritual and humanity
of the Christ Child.
May we have a rebirth of Epiphany in our days.
May your eternal light show forth the way of
just peace.
May your coming in the darkness and shadows
of our lives grant us counsel and comfort in 
the night.
May we re-awaken to the reality that every person--
regardless of our artificial namings and
categories and rankings of others--is loved by you.
May we re-engage in living the love that
accepts and lifts up the dignity and worth of each.
May we re-access the value of life, from our
Mother Earth and all within your Creation.
May wars cease.
May the hungry be fed.
May the homeless be dwelt.
May the poor and oppressed be freed.
May the sick be comforted.
May the weak be empowered.
May the weary be refreshed.
May the dying find your life beyond this temporal
and spatial world.
And, in all things, may your Church--despite any
sense of religion, creed, dogma, doctrine, and
order we placed upon it--be one in you,
one in service to all, and one in worship of you.
For You are the Sovereign Mystery Incarnate.
Blessed are You and blessed is your Kin-Dom,

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