Jan 5, 2020


(With Contemporary and Inclusive Language)

Sustaining and Preserving One, Sovereign and Sacred: sometimes we need to sit on the sidelines—a place to restore, to refresh, to regain the vision of how best the game is played. For, truly, it is not a game but life ...  and life demands our all. Be with us on the bench that we may find what we need to endure, in faithfulness, in authenticity, and in your will. This we ask, O Blessed and Divine GOD, forevermore.

Loving GOD, in whom love is perfect, compassion is spendthrift, mercy is reckless, strength is pure, and comfort is undeniable: Your embrace encompasses us as a people—created, redeemed, and united. In you we are one, just as you are One. May each life be lived for the common good of all. May each day be a time of repentance and reconciliation. And, may each tomorrow bring us closer together in mind, and heart, and spirit. All that the inclusive affirmation and genuine acceptance of each other be as in your Realm. Now and forevermore.

Holy GOD, Holy Almighty, Holy Immortal One: whose love is scandalous, knowing no bounds or exclusion, and whose Realm is spendthrift, never void of your love and peace. Heal the nations and all people. May we who have cast away the chains of oppression, vanish the chains that bind others. For none are free until all are free. None are in wellness until all know shalom. So, may we take up the way of repentance, restoration, and redemption—that humankind (as a whole) will live in your will. As it is in heaven, be it here on earth. Blessed are you and blessed is your dominion, forevermore.

Loving GOD, holy, almighty, and immortal One—Blessed are You and blessed is your Kin-Dom. You have brought to this day, and are leading us into a life of justice and peace. May this be a time and place for us to be renewed and enabled to be better disciples and servants of your Begotten. For we long to be whole and to magnify your love in all ways.

Holy GOD, Almighty and Immortal One: Blessed are You and blessed is your Kin-Dom. You created all peoples. There is not a nation without embrace in your love. There is not a community without your blessing. There is not a country without your presence and compassionate mercy. We are all blessed in You, yesterday, today, and in each tomorrow—even unto eternity. Help us to accept one another as you accept us. Enable us to change in ways that are of justice and peace. And strengthen our resolve that we may love without condition and free from all bias and prejudice.

Sacred One, to whom is all power and glory: your transcendent presence embraces and restores all life and living, even as it is the first moment of creation. Fresh is your love and immortal your redeeming. Renew your boundless relationship with the cosmos you are sustaining, and bring all again to the rebirth of our peace and justice in you. For we long to be your people of gentleness in times and places of chaos, kindness in violence, humility in arrogance, compassion in suffering, gentle in conflict, hopeful in despair, faithful in challenge, loving in all things. Blessed are you and blessed in your Kin-Dom, forevermore.

Blessed are You, O GOD, and blessed is your Realm, forevermore. Your love continues with us, even into each tomorrow—before the tomorrow arrives. Going forth like the sun following the moon, you are the light before us, showing the way that we may follow. Our future is in you, so our present may be lived into with great faith, hope, and love. In your adventure, together we walk, hand-in-hand, heart-in-heart, mind-in mind, seeking the common good. May there be justice. May there be peace. May there be all that you desire. For, to live is to love you. And, to love you is to live.

Creating One, Holy, Almighty, and Immortal—each day is a new beginning in your love. Creation, and all that is in it, is renewed and restored. Our lives our filled with hope and possibilities in your sustaining presence. Embrace each person in your accepting and affirming will. And, may we love one another as unconditionally as you love us. Blessed are you, O GOD, and blessed is your Realm, forevermore.

Holy GOD, Holy and Almighty, Holy immortal One—to whom pain is no stranger, and with whom there is comforting peace: awaken within each person, and all who suffer, the strength of endurance and the hope that perseveres. May both our faith and our uncertainty draw us closer to you and one another. For when one hurts, all hurt. When one is broken, all suffer. But, when even one is in healing, all taste the blessedness of your just peace. Blessed are You and blessed is your Kin-Dom forevermore

Holy One, whose compassion and mercy are love, and whose love is for all your creation: Awaken us, afresh, to your presence in the world, in all nature, and in all others. Help us to see you in every difference that exists, and help us to welcome all to whom we are a stranger. For we long to love as you have loved, and to be in the just peace of your Realm. Now and forevermore. Blessed are you and blessed is your Kin-Dom.

Humble, on a beast of burden, he rides soon to bear the burden of all on the throne of a cross crowned with thorns with scepter of nails O Love Divine, what have you done?

Blessed are you, O GOD,
whose love leaves none neglected or ignored,
we give you thanks for Jesus of Nazareth
who opened deaf ears and dull minds.
Your story is at work in us still,
awakening us to all that is true and beautiful and good.
Your words and deeds are one,
yet we crucified your Beloved One for his integrity
and turned on him for daring to be different.
We praise you for his life which is bolder than death,
that rises undefeated in us yet,
tantalizing with the promise of change and reconciliation.
For these and all your mercies, we praise you:
Blessed be GOD and blessed be GOD's Realm, forevermore.

Blessed are you, Holy, Mighty, and Immortal One,
for in your kindness and mercy,
patience and faithfulness,
you are always more ready to redeem
than we are to turn to you.
We thank you for your Beloved,
by whose example and strength
we follow in faith, hope, and love.
For these and all your mercies, we praise you, O GOD, forevermore.

Holy GOD, Holy and mighty, Holy immortal One: you have brought us to this day. in love and compassion, you have prepared us to live in this present time. by your mercy, you will be with each of us in every moment. may we seek peace and justice by all means possible. For your wholeness longs to be true in us. Blessed are you and blessed is your Kin-Dom, now and forevermore.

Divine Presence, in whom there is nothing other than love: Blessed are You and blessed is your Kin-Dom forevermore. May our love dwell on the edges of life, where the un-loveable reside in our privilege and entitlement. May all bias, prejudice, and exclusion never provide a safe place in which to hide. Bring forth our true selves into the just peace that is all redemption. For we know our brokenness and it weighs so languished in our heart of hearts, especially as it binds others in oppression and discord. For the common good of all, always ... all ways.

Divine One, to whom we pray and in whom our prayers are echoed: Speak your word of peace to us. Help us to hear afresh your call to peacemaking. For the chaos simmers and the unrest perpetually grows. Heal us, O Shalom-Bearer, and make us whole.

Love Divine, all loves excelling—it is your love that is life. Reassure each of your never-ending, never-changing, love. And quicken our hearts and minds to be loving to all ... without exception or exclusion. For we pine in our desire for justice and peace, that your Realm would come and your will be done, here and now and forevermore. Blessed are You and blessed is your Kin-Dom.

Immortal, Invisible, GOD only wise—some days we live with a degree of certainty. Other days with a gnawing sense of confusion. In those days of confidence and conviction, may we be humble. In those days of weariness and doubt, may we be assured of your love. In each day, may we be more able to include rather than exclude, more willing to affirm than deny, more seeking of peace than division, more making of justice than stumbling over the small stuff. For we desire the good for all within your blessed Kin-Dom.

Holy, Almighty, Immortal One—you are the Love that creates, recreates, and makes all things new: as we celebrate love on this day, bring to our remembrance and intention the sacredness of loving each other. To love is to bless; to bless is to love. May our loving touch the lives of those whose days we share. May our loving be without exclusion. May our loving be given freely. For love is a gift and gifting never counts the cost but also rejoices in the result. For blessed are You and blessed is your Kin-Dom, forevermore.

Ever-Present One, in you we live and move and have our being. Enliven our hopes and dreams that they would become adventures in doing your will. May justice overcome all bias and prejudice. May peace overcome all chaos and brokenness. May earth and heaven be as one. Grant this, O Sacred, Almighty, and Immortal One, now and forevermore. For you and your Realm are blessed.

Holy One, your presence is life. Your presence is love. Your presence is peace. Your presence is justice. Your presence seeks to awaken us to you and your way of being in the world. May we see with new vision the reality you are bringing forth. May we hear with new perception your voice that calls us into this day and beyond. May we sense in our heart of hearts the movement of your nudging forward as a people of hope and confidence. Cause us to dream, O Awesome One, into the adventure and imagination that is your Kin-Dom. For blessed are You and blessed is your common good, now and forevermore.

Holy One, you provide for your creation: heal all that is broken unto wholeness. Almighty One, you provide for your creation: unite all that is divisive unto peace. Immortal One, you provide for your creation: restore all that is unjust unto the design of your Kin-Dom. O GOD, of all compassion: kyrie eleison.

Holy One, you have brought us to this day
that we would rejoice and be glad in it.
How are we to rejoice in the face of injustice?
How are we to be glad in a time of unrest?
How are we to live this day in a world of violence and darkness?
We see our own ways of being part of the chaos and shadows.
We understand how we participate in all that is wrong.
We confess that we are broken in minds, heart, spirit, and body.
Yet, in our core of being we yearn to be free from the
bias and prejudice which judge others and
claims us hypocrites.
Forgive us, O GOD, in your mercy and compassion.
Redeem us and heal us that we would be the
just peace persons you created us to be.
Empower us and grant us the wisdom
of knowing right from wrong,
doing what is right and alleviating all that is not of your love.
Blessed are you, Creator, Redeemer, Sustaining Presence,
and blessed is your Realm, forevermore.

Holy One whose love is sovereign and whose will is always for the greater good: As we remember the companions of Paul—Timothy and Titus—we give you thanks and praise for the relationships we share. You have blessed us with family and friends and have woven us together in a tapestry of serving one another in the common good of all. Place ever before us the hope for unity, the faith for justice, and the love for peace. May our days be lived in adventurous journey to the reality of who and whose we are. And may we come to know that the only relationship that grieves You is the presence of hatred, bigotry and violence. Blessed are You, and blessed is your Realm, forevermore.

Holy One, on this day when we remember Paul and his ministry—help us to see both the divine and human that was stirring in his days: the divine presence of You, O GOD, and the human presence of a first century person within their culture and experiences. Free us, Immortal One, from confining his words to our world as it is today. Empower us, O Mighty One, to know the voice this is still speaking and leading your people this day. We long to be above and beyond our misunderstandings and misconceptions, but we too struggle in the challenges of discerning your love. Have mercy, O GOD, and bring us into your Kin-Dom of just peace. Makes us to love and share together humbly and in all gentle kindness. For blessed are You, now and forevermore.

Blessed are you, Holy One,
the splendor of your glory
dispels the darkness of earth,
for in your Christ we behold
the nearness of your Realm.
You call us to follow quickly
to where we hear your voice
in the cry of those in need.
Enable and equip us with your love
that we would share in equality,
in equity, in unity, in harmony,
in acceptance, in affirmation, in humbleness,
in kindness, and in just peace.
For these and all your mercies, we praise you:
Holy, Mighty, Immortal One.
Blessed be GOD forevermore!

GOD of love and GOD of power—you have called us for this hour: Your love is true power; your power is true love. Your love unites, your love includes, your love affirms, your love lifts up, your love heals, your love comforts, your love strengthens, your love abides. Breathe the life of your love into each and every person of your creating, redeeming, and sustaining. For we long to be empowered for peace and justice, now and forevermore. Blessed are you, O GOD, and blessed is your Kin-Dom.

Some days one does not know how best to pray ... so i will just leave this hear: Loving GOD, in your mercy speak to us in our silence and give us words that are of your love.

Holy GOD—with whom love, peace, and justice begin:
You rose up from among your people, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
He was in your Spirit a pastor, prophet, and priest.
Through his ministry and leadership he shared a dream—a dream that is grounded in your love, a dream that is transcending in your peace, a dream that is alive and continuing in your justice.
Help us to hear anew his call to transforming peace where there is no discrimination, no racism, no misogyny, no xenophobia, no inequality, no violence, and no dissention.
May we learn to love as you do love. May we learn to accept and affirm others as you accept and affirm each person. May we learn to be kind and generous to others as is your mercy and compassion.
For we need to be human and we've lost our humanity.
Redeem us, reconcile us, unite us, and make your Realm to be what we share—even unto our eternity. For thy Kin-Dom come ... thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.
Blessed are you, O GOD, and blessed is your sovereignty, forevermore.

" ... Come and see," said You, Beloved One, O GOD—and they followed. You have shown us Your way: to act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with You. renew our understanding of justice, that we may be free from all that would blur or distort your vision for us. rekindle our love that it would embrace the fullness of mercy and compassion. reset our steps that our walk would be in all humbleness and without the bias and color of our ego. we want to come and see. and, we need you to show us the way. for our times are chaotic and our endurance is challenged. but, You—O GOD—love us all: even those we find most difficult to love. in all things, may love win ... may love endure ... may love overcome ... may love be in us ... may love be known by us ... may love encompass all. for Blessed are You and blessed is your Kin-Dom, forevermore.

Loving GOD, whose way is to be gentle in kindness, to be merciful in compassion, and to be wholeness in healing: Keep us within the care of your embrace. May we find in you the strength and comfort to live as your people—just in wisdom, unshakeable in peace. For blessed are you and blessed is your Kin-Dom, now and forevermore.

Holy, Almighty, and Immortal One—
You rule over all things
and accomplish all things
and you never remove your hands from your works,
nor ever shall.
Your handiwork is a mercy beyond mercy.
Your love completes and makes whole.
May we be more loving and merciful
in our days.
For your peace and justice is not only loving
but also, beautiful.
Blessed are you, O GOD, and blessed in your
Realm, forevermore.

Loving GOD
who placed the stars in the sky,
and guided the magi to celebrate the Christ
may wisdom be known in love
and may love be known in wisdom
that your Realm of just peace
would transform this world
and bring all into your perfect wholeness
for blessed are you
and blessed is your Kin-Dom
now and forevermore

Blessed are you, GOD of all mercy and compassion:
you have always borne in your heart
the pain and brokenness of the world.
You come to us, not as a GOD who is absent,
but as a GOD who is always present.
You share our human experience,
that our vision of you no longer be clouded by
anger, fear, and dismay;
all that we may find in you
a sure and steadfast anchor of our heart of hearts.
For these and all your love, we praise you:
Blessed One, Holy, Mighty, and Immortal—
Blessed be GOD and blessed be GOD's Realm forevermore!

Blessed are you, O GOD:
what you call compassion,
others call weakness.
What you call conviction,
others call dissidence.
What you call love,
others call mixing with sinners.
You teach us to rely on your word,
that in our trials as in our joys
we may be clothed in gentleness and patience
and united in love.
For these and all your mercies, we praise you:
Blessed is GOD,
and blessed is GOD's Realm forevermore!

Loving GOD, full of mercy and compassion: We remember this day your faithful servant, Stephen, whose life was given for his faith. Strengthen and enliven our resolve, that we too would dare to be true to your Realm of justice and peace. Holy GOD, Holy and Mighty, Holy and Immortal One, blessed are you forevermore.

Blessed are you, O GOD,
who became human and poor for our sake,
to raise up our flesh,
to recover our divine image,
to recreate humanity.
You became human so that we might no longer
observe the distinctions arriving from the flesh,
but instead bear within ourselves the seal of GOD,
by whom and for whom we were created.
Your Beloved Jesus forms us and molds us into your own family,
so that we can be what we hope to be,
by your great kindness, O generous and loving GOD.
For these and all your mercies, we praise you:
Blessed Trinity. Blessed are you and blessed is your Realm forevermore!

Blessed are you, O GOD of light,
your loving kindness dawns,
your tender compassion shines upon us,
for in the Christ, born of human flesh,
you reveal your gracious gift
of our birth to life eternal.
Your radiant glory enlightens the lives
of those who celebrate the Beloveds birth.
You call us to treasure in our hearts
what we have been told,
that our lives may proclaim
your great and gentle mercy.
For these and all your mercies, we praise you:
Blessed be GOD and blessed be GOD's Realm of
just peace, forevermore!

Blessed are you, O GOD, most high and most near,
you send glad tidings to the lowly,
you hide not your face from the poor;
you call those who dwell in darkness into the light.
Your Spirit takes away our blindness,
removes the hardness of our hearts,
and forms us into a humble people
that, at the advent of your Christ,
we may recognize you in our midst
and find joy in your transforming presence.
For these and all your mercies,
we praise you:
Blessed be GOD and blessed be GOD's Realm,
now and forevermore.

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