Tuesday, January 21, 2020


For the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Eternal One, in Mystery you are above, below, beyond, within, 
and encircling our life.
Today we remember a prophet and servant, and a people, 

you inspired to live and work and speak to justice and peace.
Your beloved and beloved people were, and are being killed in the evil of racism.
The bias and privilege of white-centric society is a brokenness 

that not only afflicts and vilifies people of color.
It is also the burdensome evil that we continue to carry 

when it should never have been taken up, to begin with.
Not that our own need be primary, but that those oppressed would be
delivered from our sinful ways.
Free us, O Liberating Love, and lead us that we may seek 
all that is just, all that is good, all that is blessing, and all that is peace.
Heal the divide we have created between people and races.
Bring us to know that we are all woven together into the tapestry of humankind.
And, teach us how to live in your ways of love, acceptance, affirmation, and redemption.
For we long to be the people you created us to be.
Especially, when we fathom the depth and breadth of our sin and sinfulness.
We have to do better. 

We have to do better until all have equal access to life and the common good.
Until all have their rightful place in the realm of inclusion.
Until all have the power and resources to live life to the fullest, 

not simply in some life beyond, but in this temporal world.
Lead us, Uniting Presence.

Help us to follow in faithfulness.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<  †  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

God of love and God of power--you have called us for this hour: 
Your love is true power; your power is true love. 
Your love unites, your love includes, your love affirms, 
your love lifts up, your love heals, your love comforts, 
your love strengthens, your love abides. 
Breathe the life of your love into each and every person of your creating, redeeming, and sustaining. 
For we long to be empowered for peace and justice, now and forevermore. 
Blessed are you, O God, and blessed is your Kin-Dom.

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