May 20, 2020


O God of earth and sky,
as Jesus came among us in Bethlehem to raise us up to heaven,
so today we recall his departing from us at Jerusalem to be in all places.
Though he is hidden from our sight,
enable us to abide in him
by the power and grace of the Holy Spirit,
until his mercy and grace fill your whole creation. Amen.
Copyright © 2000 Order of Saint Luke Publications.

Psalm 47
1 People everywhere—clap your hands!
Shout to God with a joyful voice! 
2 For YHWH Most High is awe-inspiring,
the great Ruler over the whole earth. 
3 God subdues peoples for us,
and puts the nations under our feet. 
4 God chooses our inheritance for us,
the pride of Leah, Rachel and Jacob,
the object of God’s love. 
5 God ascended the throne with a shout,
with trumpet blasts! 
6 Sing praise to God, sing praise!
Sing praise to our Ruler, sing praise! 
7 For God rules over all the earth—
sing praise and understand! 
8 God rules over the nations;
God sits on the throne of holiness. 
9 World leaders are gathered,
and so are the people of Sarah and Abraham’s God,
for YHWH reigns over all the earth,
and is exalted above all.
Priests for Equality. The Inclusive Bible. Sheed & Ward. 

John 16
5 Now I am going to the One who sent me—
yet not one of you has asked, ‘Where are you going?’ 
6 You’re sad of heart
because I tell you this. 
7 Still, I must tell you the truth:
it is much better for you that I go.
If I fail to go,
the Paraclete will never come to you,
whereas if I go,
I will send her to you. 
8 When she comes,
she will prove the world wrong
about sin, about justice
and about judgment. 
9 About sin—
in that they refuse to believe in me; 
10 about justice—
because I go to Abba God
and you will see me no more; 
11 about judgment—
for the ruler of this world has been condemned. 
12 I have much more to tell you,
but you can’t bear to hear it now. 
13 When the Spirit of truth comes,
she will guide you into all truth.
She won’t speak on her own initiative;
rather, she’ll speak only what she hears,
and she’ll announce to you
things that are yet to come. 
14 In doing this, the Spirit will give glory to me,
for she will take what is mine
and reveal it to you. 
15 Everything that Abba God has
belongs to me.
This is why I said that
the Spirit will take what is mine
and reveal it to you. 
16 Within a short time you won’t see me,
but soon after that you’ll see me again.”
Priests for Equality. The Inclusive Bible. Sheed & Ward.

O God, you have glorified our victorious Savior
with a triumphant resurrection from the dead,
and ascension into heaven,
where he sits at your right hand.
Grant, we ask you,
that his triumphs and glories may ever shine in our eyes
to make us see more clearly through his sufferings,
and more courageously endure our own;
being assured by his example,
that if we endeavor to live and die like him,
for the cause of your love in ourselves and others,
you will raise our dead bodies again,
and conforming them to his glorious body,
call us above the clouds,
and give us possession of your everlasting kingdom.
Through the same Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen
Copyright © 2000 Order of Saint Luke Publications.