May 22, 2020




Holy Breath, Breathed, Breathing
we await the You that is inspiration
as we deeply inhale your Spirit
and know the fullness that fills
our hearts and minds and souls.
Your promised indwelling
that brings strength and endurance
consolation and comfort
guidance and direction
truth and imagination
is the stoking of our passion
to love You and all others
even as You love us.
As we prepare for Pentecost
and a rebirth of our life in you
may that birthing be a growing
of our desire and ability
to follow Jesus in the ways
of just peace.
May your re-birthing of us
be a maturation of wisdom and
all that we would have a better
and more complete
insight into the things of your realm.
For we know the complexity of the
world we live in
the fragility of our brokenness
and the diligence that is needed
to overcome the injustice
and lack of wellness we share.
Your Spirit, She will bear in us
all that is according to your will
here on earth
even as it is in heaven.
Come, Holy Sprint, come.
Fill the void that marks your world
this day.
Heal, unite, confirm, refresh,
restore, reconcile, recreate,
and evoke in all the common good
that is your Kin-Dom.
Blessed are You and blessed is your
Sovereignty, now and forevermore.