May 3, 2020


God is my source,
my provider,
my protector,
my keeper.
In all ways I need nothing more.
My days are like laying in a lush meadow
the grass-sweet scent and
the wild flowers in colorful array.
My life is with peace and contentment
like placid waters where
refreshment is deep in calm.
Restored in wellness
my heart of hearts finds
its rythym in dance with the Spirit.
My way is made ready
that my steps are as if a prayer
and vocation of being my true self.
My journey will venture through
times and places of blessing,
times and places of bane.
Though fear may arise within me
the courage and endurance of
love will keep me steadfast.
God's might and will is sacred
and make life all that it can be.
It is as if a lavish meal is at my bidding,
finest food, vintage wine,
especially when I am most hungry
and in need of nourishment.
I am chosen,
as is all of creation,
upon which God perpetually pours
out everything that is good and perfect,
spendthrift as it is.
Certainly I shall never be left to my own wits
as justice and peace will follow me,
without exception.
And, my life will always be at home in God.