Jan 2, 2020


Blogger is free and a useful platform. I work on each post for hours. Nonetheless, after saving my work or updating my HTML code and layout, Blogger has a way of taking what you give it and making something different from it. It likes to add line spaces. It likes to change alignment from left margin to centered, from centered to left margin. It likes to format things that were never formatted to begin with, and unformat things that were formatted. It is a cake walk most of the time.

Now, I hope this issue does trouble you or cause you to not visit or read a complete blog. Most times, I am able to find lines of text that Bloggers has taken from one place and put in another place. Otherwise, things would be unintelligible (as if I do not have enough of that already present!). 

If you find an error that makes no sense or seems to be missing something, feel free to send me an email: glakedylan@comcast.net

It would not only be good to hear from people who visit here, but a big help in keeping up with the Blogger gremlins.

"Not a biggie, unless you tend toward OCD"—(shared for a friend).