Jul 31, 2020


10 of the most harmful beliefs:

1. that you are both informed and smart enough to interpret/translate Scripture without knowing the particulars about the era in which it was written and the fine points of the languages that were used in the writing, not to forget that there was an oral tradition before people became authors and writers of the word.

2. that correct doctrine (i.e., orthodoxy) is what makes you a Christian.

3. that Christianity is an exercise of getting into heaven.

4. that science and Scripture are about the same things, answering the same questions, raising the same issues, and thus not compatible.

5. that names (of persons and places) in the Bible can be understood without knowing what they mean according to the context and language of that day.

6. that Scripture was transmitted to us without a human dynamic being involved in writing, redacting, and/or commentation.

7. that Christianity is either/only a religion or a spirituality.

8. that the Bible does not speak to politics and provide examples of relationships both healthy and broken.

9. that in its central pivotal point of transcendence followers of Jesus are exempt from dealing with the issues of justice, peace, and love.

10. that I can be a Christian and have a lively engagement with God as a private, individualistic, only has to do with me practice free of community and the mutuality, discipline and accountability found therein.

Bonus 11. that the Bible is not biased in regard to patriarchy, androcentrism, misogyny, heterosexism, xenophobia and whiteness, not to mention the anthropomorphism written into the text.

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