Jul 19, 2020


Song    Sweet Hour Of Prayer


Holy God, holy and Almighty, holy Immortal One:
we know not how, or for what to pray.
But you are the One who knows us better
than we ourselves.
We pour out the wishes and desires of our hearts,
yet we fathom the wideness of your mercy
and the depth of your compassion,
only to find that our prayers are often
misguided in selfishness and
lacking a discernment of your will.
O God, who is willing and able to provide for us
far more than the imagination of our minds and
the longings of our souls,
we ask that you accept the words we offer,
and redeem them to be fashioned by your wisdom.
And, grant us a spirit of understanding
that we would always live, and move, and have our being
within that which is your Kin-Dom.
For our greatest need is to be your people
who are becoming and already
the humanity you created us to be.
Blessed are you, O God,
and blessed is your Realm
forevermore. Amen.

Three Fold Amen     Danish

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