Jul 10, 2020


O God—
Holy, Holy and Almighty,
Holy Immortal One:
You created all that is
and you tend your creation
in mercy and compassion.
All your works are of just peace,
and your Realm of חֶסֶד...chesed...loving-kindness
is therein, and will be forevermore.
You have given us ways to understand
time and space.
We know our temporal life here.
We are earth and to earth we shall return.
We know that there is distance and separation
between us and others.
We acknowledge that geography and miles
are not the only boundaries.
If we were to measure the time that has passed
we would not have numbers sufficient.
If we were to calculate the things that divide us,
one from the other,
there would not be space adequate to
to contain it.
We are a broken people
living in a world that we have broken.
We share a story of our brokenness
and we call it history.
Yet, we come now to confess the lies that fill
that narrative.
Remind us, O God, that history is not
the account of an single people or person
that the story of the empowered
the story of the conqueror
the story of the victor
the story of the majority
the story of the who write it
bears the fabrication of generations
who have written it with a bias
of untruths
that fit the need of they themselves.
Of this, we are all guilty.
Of this, we have found self glorification.
Of this, we need to repent.
When history forgets the experience of those oppressed,
God have mercy.
When history forgets the lives that have been taken
for our own benefit,
God have mercy.
When history ignores the loss of a people's
identity, honor, dignity, and personhood,
God have mercy.
When history tells a story that has been
hijacked by greed,
by wealth,
by race,
by gender,
by generation,
by religion,
by our need to have reality neatly packaged
in a manageable and malleable box,
God have mercy.
It is not cheap mercy that we seek.
Rather, we pine within ourselves and for others
the kind of mercy that demands justice,
that mandates peace,
that authors truth and accountability.
Enable all to tell their story.
Enable all to hear the universal story with
affirmation and acceptance.
Enable us to let go of the lies and half-truths
we cling to.
Speak deep and wide into our heart of hearts
the reality that our security
will never we found is what we attain,
but in you—our Way, our Truth, our Life.
For we will not be ourselves
until your Kin-Dom, your will be done,
everywhere and forevermore.
Blessed are You, O God,
and blessed is Your Sovereignty,
world without end.

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