Jul 27, 2020


God of all mercies, 
we praise you that you have brought us to this new day,
brightening our lives with the dawn of promise and hope. 
Especially we thank you for ...
Each new day and the rest of the night that is now past...
the warmth of sunlight, the wetness of rain and snow, 
and all that nourishes the earth and brings forth life.
You create and are creating.
Earth brings forth its fruits,
sustaining and providing us and all creatures.
We grow and become evermore 
the people of your making and redeeming.
Yet, we know we are broken.
We know that we have caused your creation to be broken.
Merciful God, 
strengthen us in prayer that we may lift up 
the brokenness of this world for your healing, 
and share in the delivering love of your compassion. 
Especially we pray for:
those in positions of authority over others ... 
may they lead in holy wisdom and in the way of Jesus ...
the lonely and forgotten ... 
may they be cared for and their needs be fulfilled 
in our acts of mercy ...
children without families or homes ... 
may they find loving homes and families 
that provide comfort and safety ...
agents of caring and relief ... 
may they have the necessary resources 
to alleviate suffering and empower justice ...
for the community of all your people in every land ... 
may they know your kindness and faithfulness 
and be a blessing to others.
Eternal God, our beginning and our end, 
be our starting point and our haven, 
and accompany us in this day’s journey. 
Use us to do the work of your creation,
and use our lives to enhance the life of others,
in your Beloved and Anointed Redeemer.
Blessed are you and blessed is your Kin-Dom,
now and forevermore. 
(adapted from the Book of Common Worship)

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