Jul 3, 2020



God has given you life in Christ Jesus 
and has made Jesus our wisdom, 
our justice, our sanctification 
and our redemption.
I Corinthians 1.30

Praise and glory and wisdom and thanksgiving 
and honor and power and strength 
be to our God forever and ever! 
Revelation 7.12

The wisdom from above, however, 
has purity as its essence. 
It works for peace; it’s kind and considerate. 
It’s full of compassion and shows itself by doing good. 
Nor is there any trace of partiality or hypocrisy in it.
Peacemakers, when they work for peace, 
sow the seeds which will bear fruit in holiness.
James 3.17-18


Almighty God, the fountain of all wisdom, 
you know our necessities before we ask 
and our ignorance in asking: 
Have compassion on our weakness, 
and mercifully give us those things 
which for our unworthiness we dare not, 
and for our blindness we cannot ask; 
through your Beloved and Anointed One, 
who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, 
one God, now and for ever. Amen.


My children, don’t ever forget these lessons, 
and keep these principles in your heart; 
they’ll bring you length of days, 
years of life and above all, 
peace and prosperity: 
Never let love and faithfulness abandon you— 
wear them like a necklace around your neck; 
inscribe them on the tablet of your heart. 
Then you’ll enjoy kindness and a good reputation 
from both God (יהוה) and people. Trust 
YHWH (יהוה) with all your heart, 
and don’t rely on your own understanding; 
acknowledge God (יהוה) in everything you do, 
and God (יהוה) will direct your paths. 
Don’t be wise in your own eyes; 
revere YHWH (יהוה) and avoid evil. 
This will provide health to your body, 
and enrichment to your bones.


God our creator,
you made all things in your wisdom,
and in your love you save us.
We pray for the whole creation.
Overthrow evil powers, right what is wrong,
feed and satisfy those who thirst for justice,
so that all your children may freely 
enjoy the earth you have made,
and joyfully sing your praises;
through your Beloved and Anointed One. 

God of truth,
inspire with your wisdom
those whose decisions affect the lives of others,
that all may act with integrity and courage.
Give grace to all whose lives are linked with ours.
May we follow in the way of Jesus,
and love as you love us.

Almighty God,
kindle, we pray, in every heart
the true love of peace,
and guide with your wisdom
those who take counsel for the nations of the earth,
that justice and peace may increase,
until the earth is filled
with the knowledge of your love;
through your Beloved and Anointed One.

Eternal God,
you alone are constant in this changing world.
Grant us true wisdom of heart
and guide us in serving you all the days of our life;
as we follow Jesus in the way of justice and peace.

Almighty God,
bless those who hold office in the government 
of our nation, state, and community,
that they may do their work
in a spirit of wisdom, kindness, and justice.
Help them use their authority to serve faithfully
and to promote the general welfare;
through your Beloved and Anointed One.

God of ages,
in your sight nations rise and fall,
and pass through times of peril.
Now when our land is troubled,
be near to judge and save.
May leaders be led by your wisdom;
may they search your will and see it clearly.
When we turn from your way,
help us to reverse our ways and repent.
Give us your light and your truth to guide us;
for Blessed are You
and Blessed is your Kin-Dom,

Source of all true wisdom,
calm the troubled waters of our hearts,
and still all other voices but your own,
that we may hear and obey
what you tell us in your Word,
through the power of your Spirit.

Holy God, Holy and Mighty, Holy Immortal One, 
open unto me:
Open unto me—light for my darkness.
Open unto me—courage for my fear.
Open unto me—hope for my despair.
Open unto me—peace for my turmoil.
Open unto me—joy for my sorrow.
Open unto me—strength for my weakness.
Open unto me—wisdom for my confusion.
Open unto me—forgiveness for my sins.
Open unto me—love for my hates.
Open unto me—thy Self for my self.
O God, open unto me! 

Scripture is from—Priests for Equality. 
The Inclusive Bible. Sheed & Ward.

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