Aug 9, 2020


Holy Merciful, Holy Compassionate, Holy Loving One:
You created and are creating...
You redeem and are redeeming...
You sustain and are sustaining...
You perfect and are perfecting...
You are and are becoming...
You have been and always will be...
You will be and will be forever...
You are Godthe Holy, Almighty, Immortal One.
For your constant, perpetual grace that woos us into your life
we give you thanks and praise.
Embrace us in that life of living abundance
until we have become the people you created us to be.
Imbue us in the breath of your Spirit that enlivens and heals.
Enfold us in that love that is born of faith and fostered in hope,
Continue, and never end, the restoration and all that you created
that all would be in the whole of your just peace.
Blessed are you and blessed is your Kin-Dom,
world without end. Amen.

Glory be to the One God
Three in Persons; One in community;
who is and was and evermore will be.
Forevermore. Amen.

Psalm 103. 1-14, 17-18
1 Bless YHWH, my soul!
All that is in me, bless God’s holy Name! 
2 Bless YHWH, my soul,
and remember all God’s kindnesses! 
3 the One who forgives all your sins
is the One who heals all your diseases; 
4 the One who ransoms your life from the Pit
is the One who crowns you with love and
5 the One who fills your years with prosperity
also gives you an eagle’s youthful energy. 
6 How you love justice, YHWH!
You are always on the side of the oppressed. 
7 You revealed your intentions to Moses,
your deeds to Israel. 
8 You are tender and compassionate, YHWH—
slow to anger, and always loving; 
9 your indignation doesn’t endure forever,
and your anger lasts only for a short time. 
10 You never treat us as our sins deserve;
you don’t repay us in kind for the injustices we do. 
11 For as high as heaven is above the earth,
so great is the love for those who revere you. 
12 As far away as the east is from the west,
that’s how far you remove our sins from us! 
13 As tenderly as parents treat their children,
that’s how tenderly you treat your worshipers, YHWH! 
14 For you know what we are made of—
you remember that we’re nothing but dust. 
17 Yet your love lasts from age to age
for those who revere you, YHWH,
as does your goodness to our children’s children, 
18 and to those who keep your covenant
and remember to obey your precepts. 
Priests for Equality. The Inclusive Bible. Sheed & Ward.

Always loving, ever healing, never absent God:
We come to you in prayer this day
amid the chaos and brokenness of the world.
Our very life, mortal and temporal, has been
under siege by a pandemic.
The coronavirus-19 has inflicted so many peoples
in most of this world's nations.
This disease is new and different—the mystery of it
stokes fear and anxiety.
Its persistence challenges our days with worry
and concern.
It causes people to be isolated and quarantined.
It brings death to people who are apart from
their loved ones and family.
We seek a vaccine or a treatment that will cause
this disease to abate and be controlled.
Yet, there are those who place themselves and
others at riskwhen masks and social distancing
would help reduce the number of people who will
succumb and die, they refuse to cooperate.
Our prayer is not only for us, but for them as well.
In this time when there is so much conflict and
destruction, help people to come together as one.
We confess that another plague that wreaks havoc
among us is the racism that causes people of color
to be more susceptible to both infection and the
probability of death.
We are sorely divided in bias, discrimination,
inequality, and injustice.
There is no peace; only a hope that some day,
some way, we shall all be one.
We know that we have brought this all upon ourselves
by the ways we have resisted to love one another 
as you love us.
We have neglected the need to be a community
and have chosen to live in strata privilege that
exploits and oppresses.
We have chosen our way, rather than your way,
leading us to be a broken people when you would 
bring healing and reconciliation.
O Holy Healer, whose Compassion and Mercy are
always drawing us near:
Help us to not resist your Truth, and Way, and Life.
Rather, hold before us in evermore clarity the life 
of Jesus and those who have followed faithfully
in his way.
Enable us to declare the power and purpose of
your love.
Empower us to be advocates for the least among us
protesting in peaceful gathering until all are free,
all are equal, all are in a equitable access to life
and all the resources you provide to live in it fully.
And, provide your Wisdom, O God, that we may be
discerning of truth, and that standing on the bedrock
of your reality, we would know a transformation
within ourselves, and a greater transformation of
all your people, everywhere.
Not leaving it up to you, in simply in thoughts and
prayers, but in a sharing of the values and politics
of your Kin-Dom...being bearers of peace and
workers in building a just society.
All this we pray in humble and broken hearts,
minds, and bodies.
Be our freedom, O God, yearning to do the right thing,
in the right way, and for the right reason.
Blessed are you and blessed is your Kin-Dom
forevermore. Amen.


I acknowledge that I am feeling quite challenged in being without words of eloquence or adequacy in my writing, especially this day. The prayers above are but a stream of consciousness that has flowed in feeling the many needs that come today knowing sometimes a word needs to be spoken, even in times that words seem so impotent and without deep inspiration.

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